MOBILE, Ala. (AP) _ Former Dallas Cowboy Sherman Williams was arrested on charges he ran a Texas-to-Alabama marijuana racket, and prosecutors say they caught him on videotape with the drug.

Williams, who was arrested Friday, is being held in jail pending a preliminary hearing Thursday.

An FBI affidavit made public Monday quotes another suspect, Demetrius Thomas, as saying he bought about 1,000 pounds of marijuana from Williams during the past year. Thomas also was quoted as saying Williams makes several trips each week to pick up marijuana in Texas.

Police, with the assistance of an informant, videotaped Williams placing bags of marijuana in his vehicle Friday before his arrest, the FBI said.

Williams' lawyer, Robert Clark, said the government was ``trophy hunting'' by arresting Williams on the word of two ``snitches.''

If convicted, the 26-year-old Williams could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison.

Williams, who lives in Mobile, was once a star running back at Alabama and helped the Crimson Tide win the national championship in 1992.

He played for the Cowboys, mostly as a backup tailback, from 1995-98. He returned to the Cowboys last year but didn't make the team.

Williams played for the Mobile Admirals last year in the Regional Football League's inaugural season. He had signed a 10-game contract worth $80,000.

Admirals Coach Tom Walsh said Monday he had talked to Williams about why he was not back in the NFL.

``He wanted to show people he could carry the ball 18 to 25 times a game, and withstand punishment,'' Walsh said. ``We talked about image and appearances. I just used to tell him, `Sometimes you are who your friends are.'''