CANCUN, Mexico (AP) _ A Mexican governor said Thursday he expects to be cleared of allegations that he has helped turn the southeastern state of Quintana Roo into a haven for drug traffickers.

``I feel I am clean, without any problems,'' Gov. Mario Villanueva said in an interview Thursday.

Villanueva was responding to a report in the New York Times that quoted a Mexican intelligence report as saying the governor was implicated in a criminal organization that turned the Caribbean coast state into a trafficking center for U.S.-bound cocaine.

Villanueva said the allegation was based on unreliable information, and only an investigation by the attorney general's office could clear things up.

Earlier this month, Mexican authorities reportedly seized three five-star hotels in the resort city of Cancun, alleging they were owned by members of the Juarez drug-smuggling organization.

The newspaper reported that agents suspected Villanueva was the cartel's silent partner in the hotels.

The hotels' management company, BD Real Hoteles, said Thursday it continues to retain control of the businesses.