BILLERICA, Mass. (AP) _ Honeywell Bull on Monday unveiled a powerful mainframe computer capable of performing more than 1,000 transactions per second, which the company said made it about twice as fast as its closest competitor.

''The operating speed, performance and reliability of the DPS 9000 computer establishes a new industry standard,'' Rolad D. Pampel, Honeywell Bull president and chief executive officer, said in a prepared announcement.

''The DPS 9000 system is a powerful tool for high-volume transaction processing, relational database management and complex networking. It also features a high-speed, integrated vector processor for numerically intensive computing,'' the announcement read.

Groupe Bull of France, NEC of Japan and Honeywell, the three shareholders in Honeywell Bull, cooperated in researching and developing the new computer.

The basic mainframe hardware was developed by NEC and Honeywell Bull. Honeywell Bull developed the high performance transaction processing software and Groupe Bull developed the networking software.