TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Hanson's hometown gig sure was different this time around, now that the three brothers are teen heartthrobs.

One young girl insisted, ``Tell Isaac I love him!'' Another shouted, ``Tell him I love him more!'' The brothers tossed their long locks, flashed easy grins and took the breathless adoration in stride.

``We've been going, `You know, Tulsa is going to be just nuts,''' elder brother Isaac told reporters hours before taking the stage. ``It's great to be home and just finally get to do a show.''

Wednesday night's concert was Hanson's first in Tulsa since brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac were propelled to stardom last year by their hit single ``MMMBop.''

Isaac recalled their last hometown gig, outside a restaurant too small to pack a big crowd.

``We said, `Guys, this is going to be our last show. We're going to Los Angeles and we're going to make an album,''' he said. ``Now we're back here doing a show and it's really, really cool.''