MOSCOW (AP) _ Russia's main security service said Wednesday it had thwarted efforts by the CIA to obtain classified information about new Russian weaponry and about Russian military cooperation with ex-Soviet republics.

A spokesman for the Federal Security Service, the Soviet-era KGB's chief successor, said CIA officers posing as embassy officials in Russia and another, unidentified ex-Soviet republic had tried to recruit an employee at a secret Russian Defense Ministry installation.

The security service interfered at an early stage and was able to monitor the CIA officers' activities and prevent serious damage to Russia's security, the spokesman said on condition of anonymity.

The service named two alleged participants in the operation, including a third secretary in the U.S. Embassy's consular department.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow would not comment on the accusation, which comes after a string of Russian-U.S. spy scandals over the past couple of years.