MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (AP) _ Passengers miffed that a train skipped their stop delayed the train for 19 minutes in protest, sparking a counter-rebellion by riders who wanted the train to proceed, authorities said Wednesday.

''Human oversight and human error'' were the reasons why the 7 p.m. Metro- North Commuter Railroad train from Grand Central breezed by the Fleetwood station Tuesday night, said Metro-North spokesman Daniel Brucker.

The train, due to stop in Fleetwood, at 7:26 p.m., skipped the stop to the consternation of the 50 to 60 passengers who wanted to get off there and pulled in three minutes later at Bronxville, said Brucker. Angry commuters delayed the train for 19 minutes by holding the doors open as they demanded explanations from the engineer and train crew.

Some passengers insisted the train back up the three-quarters of a mile to the bypassed station, but Brucker said to do so would have violated federal regulations.

Witnesses said a counter-rebellion broke out when commuters headed for stations up the line tried to remove the Fleetwood passengers from the doorways. About 1,500 passengers were on the train, Brucker said.

Brucker said dispatchers ordered a southbound express train to stop at the Bronxville station and pick up the Fleetwood passengers at 8:10 p.m..

The railroad may consider disciplinary charges against the engineer, who was not identified, the spokesman said.