HYDERABAD, India (AP) _ Muslims incensed by pamphlets denigrating their religion stormed out of mosques today to attack Hindus in southern India, police said. Twenty-five people were injured.

The mob dispersed when police fired into the air.

Several hundred worshippers emerged from the main weekly prayers at Hyderabad's historic Mecca Mosque protesting the pamphlet.

Some began throwing stones at city buses carrying Hindus. Three Hindus were stabbed and four shops belonging to Hindus were burned, Hyderabad police chief Ram Pratap Singh said.

The pamphlets, which appeared earlier this week, included a drawing of Islamic holy places under the foot of the Hindu god Ganesh, with Hindi-language text claiming Ganesh as the ``god of all.'' It was not clear who has been distributing the pamphlets.

Hyderabad, 800 miles south of New Delhi, has a history of religious tensions. Its population of nearly 4.5 million people is half Muslim, while Hindus are the overwhelming majority elsewhere in India.