NASA's top space scientist, Wesley Huntress Jr., calls the ringed Saturn ``the most beautiful planet in the solar system outside of our own.''

Some facts about the sixth rock from the sun:

_Second-largest planet in solar system, after Jupiter, with equatorial diameter of nearly 75,000 miles, almost 10 times that of Earth.

_Sixth planet from sun, between Jupiter and Uranus.

_Mean distance from sun of 890 million miles.

_Revolves around sun once every 29.46 Earth years.

_Composed mostly of hydrogen and helium gases. Its density is so low that planet would float in an Earth ocean if ocean were big enough.

_Seven rings identified by letters A through G, so immense that planet and its rings would span almost entire distance between Earth and moon.

_Eighteen known moons, the largest being Titan. Titan is second- largest moon in solar system, behind Jupiter's Ganymede.

_Named after Roman god of agriculture.