FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ The family of a cheerleader who was stabbed 38 times is fighting to prevent her killer from being released after serving four years in prison.

Wesley Wayne Miller is up for parole again after serving less than a fifth of his 25-year sentence for the slaying of Retha Stratton.

''I want him to stay in there until he rots,'' said Retha's father, A.J. ''Skinny'' Stratton. ''When they gave him 25 years that wasn't half enough. And he won't even serve that.''

Last week, Ms. Stratton's sister, Rona Statton, sent two petitions with 2,500 names to the state Board of Pardons and Paroles that next month will consider releasing Miller, 23.

Rona Stratton and others, including Texas House Speaker Gib Lewis and members of Victims of Violence, have submitted more than 100 letters protesting Miller's potential parole.

She also is sending photos of the grisly scene where her sister was discovered Jan. 21, 1982.

''I want them to see what he did to her,'' she said. ''I want them to see what he's capable of. They may not like it, but I didn't like it, either.''

Miller stabbed Miss Stratton 38 times, dragged her to a closet, sawed her wrists and stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth. Miller, 19 at the time, told police the woman rebuffed his romantic advances and ''I kind of lost my mind.''

Jurors convicted Miller of murder and then compromised with the 25-year sentence after his family asked for leniency and the victim's family urged life in prison.

The panelists thought Miller would be behind bars for at least 20 years, juror Stella Isinghood said.

Stratton family members were outraged by Miller's sentence but said they took comfort they would not have to fight his parole until at least 1990 when a third of his term was completed.

However, Miller does not have to serve that much time to be eligible for release because neither the indictment nor the judge's instructions mentioned ''deadly weapon'' as required by law.

Miller, who also is serving 20 years concurrently for a 1981 burglary, has been up for parole since 1984 but has been turned down three times, including last month.