MOSINEE, Wis. (AP) _ A terrier that likes to sniff around drainage pipes fell into a storm sewer and wandered for four days, traveling about two miles in tunnels before children heard its barking.

Stephanie Xiong, 4, and her brother, Dominic, 3, were dropping rocks into a manhole cover near their home when they heard the barks Wednesday.

``They came up to me and told me there was a dog in the sewer and I thought, `No way,''' said Kou Xiong, their father.

Xiong removed the cover and rescued the dog. Later, the 2-year-old West Highland White, named Reggie White after the former football star, was reunited with its owner, Pat Rondeau.

``I cried all the way up to the humane society. I was so excited,'' Mrs. Rondeau said Friday. ``He didn't smell bad. He was really dirty but in very good shape. Apparently he had water. Who knows what he munched on.''

She said the dog vanished after somehow sliping through a drainage culvert and falling into the sewer near her home.