RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) _ Two Moroccan soccer players are missing from their nation's delegation to the Special Olympics World Summer Games.

The disappearances come after two Special Olympics basketball players from the Dominican Republic left their delegation last week.

The four missing athletes have broken no law, according to authorities. Organizers contacted police to find the men and make sure they are safe.

The Morrocan players _ Niam Tanji, 21, and Jamal Agdani, 23 _ were last seen at lunch Monday and did not attend their soccer game later in the day, event officials said Tuesday.

The Moroccan coach told the head of the delegation, who then alerted organizers, said Joe Freddoso, chief executive officer of the games. Authorities said there was no indication of foul play.

Information about the Moroccan athletes has been sent to law enforcement agencies across the state. Their names and descriptions also have been entered in a national police database.

Last week, two Dominican basketball players left a shopping trip in Greensboro, took a cab to Charlotte and then caught a bus to New York.

The two players were described as highly functional mentally retarded men. A sister of one of the athletes lives in New York. They have not returned to the games.

The Special Olympics World Summer Games began June 20 and conclude Sunday.