OLNEY, Ill. (AP) _ A 17-year-old boy who admitted using a hammer to kill three children and two other people has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Christopher Churchill of Noble, Ill., was 16 in February 1998 when he killed his half-brother, Jonathan Lloyd, along with Lloyd's 35-year-old girlfriend and her three young children _ ages 12, 10 and 6 _ at their rural Richland County home.

Churchill also admitted having sex with one of the children as she lay dying, and sexually molesting two other bodies. He then bathed before leaving the house with cash, cigarettes, alcohol and compact discs.

Churchill was not eligible for the death penalty because of his age.

``He will live out the rest of his life in prison, which is a fitting punishment for someone who would commit such violent and senseless crimes,'' prosecutor David Rands said Thursday.

In a videotaped statement played at his trial, Churchill told police that he had fantasized about killing Lloyd for more than a year to release pent-up aggression. He said he ``acted out a little anger'' on the others on impulse because they teased him, and because one child broke one of his CDs.