SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) _ Con men succeeded in stealing credit card numbers and other information from 10,000 Web surfers with a fake e-mail asking them to reregister with Brazil's biggest Internet portal.

An e-mail sent in September to clients of Universal Online tricked them into filling out a form on a fake registration site, a note on the UOL site said Thursday.

UOL said the fraud was under investigation by Sao Paulo state police's Internet Crimes division and that damages caused had yet to be estimated.

``This was one of the biggest coups on the Brazilian Internet that we know of and that we can explain,'' UOL's portal quoted Inspector Renato Funicello, police director of information technology, as saying.

The e-mail asked subscribers to reregister by clicking on a link that led to a fake UOL page. There, subscribers were asked to fill in a form that included their credit card number.

Police found that the information gathered on the fake site was sent to two U.S.-based service providers and to another in the federal capital, Brasilia, the UOL report said. With U.S. help, Brazilian police managed to track down the connections in January to a phone line in Brasilia.

Police seized computers, disks and other material showing the fraud was committed from the house of an official who works at the Brazilian senate, UOL said. The man's son was believed to be closely involved in the crime, it said.

The two U.S. providers have also been located.