HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (AP) _ Divers battling murky, choppy seas found one of two flight recorders of Swissair Flight 111 on Sunday and were preparing to fly it to a lab for analysis, the chief crash investigator said.

Vic Gerden said investigators did not know which flight recorder was found or what condition it is in, but said it will be flown to Ottawa for study.

Canadian navy and coast guard ships, as well as police and military divers, continued trying to track down tantalizing signals and sonar readings that might lead them to the MD-11's fuselage and the other flight recorder under about 190 feet of water.

The diving operation was slowed by poor visibility at lower depths and 6-foot swells on the surface. Capt. Jason Proulx said a large object detected by sonar on the seabed Saturday turned out to be a rock, not the plane's fuselage.