ELKMONT, Ala. (AP) _ A small earthquake rattled windows across Alabama and southern Tennessee Sunday morning but there were no reports of serious damage.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 2.7, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey's National Earthquake Information Center. It struck Limestone County just south of Elkmont at 9:04 a.m. and lasted about 10 seconds.

``My husband went outside, and he didn't know what it was. He thought Browns Ferry, the nuclear plant, had blown up,'' said Nella Harrison, who lives near Elkmont.

Police phone lines were jammed with calls from nervous residents, but no injuries or major damage was reported.

At the Limestone County Sheriff's Department, officers didn't ``the faintest idea'' what had happened at first, said dispatcher Tammy Waddell. ``Everybody was afraid it was an explosion.''