ATHENS, Tenn. (AP) _ A Tennessee engineer working in China was attacked and killed in his hotel room, a spokeswoman for the company that hired him said Tuesday.

Leonard Phillips, 42, of Athens, was killed in Dongguan City on Monday night. Phillips was working at Duracell Inc.'s battery manufacturing plant there.

``We don't have confirmation of the cause of death or motive at this point,'' Duracell spokeswoman Jill Fallon said by telephone from the company's headquarters in Bethel, Conn.

Chinese authorities have not been cooperative in providing information, she said. Duracell is working with U.S. diplomats to obtain more information.

Phillips, an engineer with Chattanooga's TAD Technology Services, was contracted by Duracell to install machinery and train workers at the plant, which has been open about 18 months and has 260 employees, mostly Chinese.