RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) _ Mudslides caused by heavy rains in southern Brazil killed three people and blocked roads on Christmas Day, authorities said Monday.

Two toddlers and an unidentified third person were buried in collapsed homes Sunday night in the city of Alto Feliz, said Ricardo Andre Lanius, a highway patrol officer in Rio Grande do Sul state.

He said heavy seasonal rains caused flooding in the northern part of the state and washed out parts of a major state highway near Porto Alegre, some 700 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro.

Traffic along the road was halted Monday, and authorities partially blocked off access to another state highway affected by the mudslides.

Flooding also spoiled Christmas for many families in the southern district of Sao Paulo who spent Monday mopping mud from their homes and sidewalks.

The torrents had subsided Monday afternoon in the south, but meteorologists predicted heavy rains for the Rio de Janeiro area.