WASHINGTON (AP) _ A U.S. Postal Service official on Wednesday called upon postal workers to contact the head of Fox television entertainment to protest a comedy sketch showing mail workers talking about a shooting spree.

A promotion for an upcoming episode of ``Mad TV'' shows two postal employees brandishing guns and talking about shooting as customers cower, the Postal Service said in a statement.

Azeezaly S. Jaffer, the Postal Service's vice president of public affairs, said the skit ``unfair. It's ugly. It's untrue. It's an insult to every man and woman in the Postal Service.''

The Postal Service is calling on its 750,000 employees to contact Sandy Grushow, chairman of Fox Entertainment Group.

Fox spokesman Joe Earley hadn't seen the Postal Service statement, but called Mad TV ``a satire and an equal opportunity offender having taken on many movies, television shows, personalities and institutions including Fox broadcasting and other divisions of News Corp.''

News Corp. is the owner of Fox.

The Postal Service statement said an August 2000 study found that postal workers are not more violent than other workers and that ``going postal is a myth, a bad rap.''

``It's my guess that they didn't even read it and they probably just gave it a few seconds on their news show,'' Jaffer said.