NEW YORK (AP) _ Ticketmaster has struck back at lawyers who launched a barrage of litigation in the wake of rock group Pearl Jam's assault on the country's biggest ticket broker.

Ticketmaster filed a $306.8 million defamation lawsuit in federal court Wednesday, saying its business practices were unfairly portrayed in false and defamatory statements made by lawyers accusing it of violating antitrust laws and charging exorbitant fees.

Ticketmaster spokesman Lonnie Soury said the company was responding to as many as 15 lawsuits filed by Carlos Lidsky, a Hialeah, Fla., and other lawyers.

Lidsky, one of three lawyers named in the lawsuit, brushed it off.

''We're not remotely concerned,'' said Lidsky, who represents plaintiffs in nine states who filed a class-action suit in May, alleging that Ticketmaster has a monopoly on ticket sales to sporting events, plays and concerts.

The lawsuit came after Pearl Jam filed an antitrust complaint against Ticketmaster, telling the Justice Department that the company's service charges prevented it from lowering the price of tickets to its shows.