NEW YORK (AP) _ C. David Heymann can expect to hear from Elizabeth Taylor's lawyers.

Heymann's book ``Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor'' claims that the 63-year-old actress was beaten by two of her husbands, had an affair with Frank Sinatra and in 1982 was popping prescription drugs like candy.

``Most of the supposed incidents never occurred,'' Taylor's attorney, Neil Papiano, said Monday. ``It's just made up of whole cloth. ... It was written for scandalous purposes and has no basis in fact. There will be litigation.''

The biography is due in bookstores this week.

Among other things, it claims that husband No. 3, Michael Todd, secretly taped their lovemaking and passed copies of the tapes out to friends.

``It's totally ridiculous. I suppose Heymann is going to come up with several copies of these tapes?'' Papiano said. ``Of course not.''


NEW MILFORD, Conn. (AP) _ What seasoned journalists wait years for, two little girls have done with apparent ease: They've landed the BIG interview _ with Hillary Clinton.

``I feel very privileged. I think it's going to be a really good experience, something I'll tell everyone, and one day my children and grandchildren. It'll be a memory to keep forever,'' said Ali Weller, a sixth-grader at Schaghticoke Middle School.

Ali, 12, and her 8-year-old sister Cait are hosts of the ``Cait and Ali Show,'' a child- and family-oriented talk show on a public access cable channel.

Ali and her father, Frank Weller, had front-row seats at a $500-per-person political fund-raiser in October when Ali got a chance to chat with the first lady. Mrs. Clinton agreed to an interview, which was set for next Monday.

The girls, however, will not be allowed to tape their meeting. But Mrs. Clinton's press secretary has promised to provide some photos they can use on their show, which will air on April 25.


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Production is under way on Stallone Marriage III.

Sylvester Stallone announced his engagement Monday to Angie Everhardt, the actress and model he escorted to last month's Academy Awards.

``We are very much in love and we couldn't be happier,'' the couple said in a statement.

Stallone, 48, and Everhardt, 25, did not disclose wedding plans. It will be her first and his third.

The ``Rocky'' and ``Rambo'' star is working on the movie ``Assassins,'' and Everhardt stars in the upcoming ``Jade.''


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ It took the role of a slave girl in the movie ``Jefferson in Paris'' to open Thandie Newton's eyes to racial issues.

``I had ... a very stable upbringing. My parents were black and white _ yeah, so what. No problems at all,'' said Newton, whose character purportedly had an affair with Thomas Jefferson (played in the movie by Nick Nolte).

Newton, 22, was born in her mother's native Zimbabwe and raised mostly in England, her father's homeland.

``Dealing with this subject matter _ and this sounds a bit dramatic _ but I think it has politicized me in many ways, because I never even viewed myself as black when I was growing up,'' Newton said. ``The first discrimination I ever experienced was through the characters I played in movies.''

Newton played a servant in ``Interview With the Vampire'' and a slave in the upcoming movie ``The Journey of August King.''


NEW YORK (AP) _ Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California have been name Outstanding Mothers of 1995.

Also honored were New York City TV broadcaster Jane Hanson and Carolyn McCarthy, widow of a man shot in the 1993 Long Island Rail Road massacre.

The National Mother's Day Award Committee announced the honors on Monday. The awards are presented each year to honor ``mother role-models.''