LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Harold Weisbrod not only invited his ex-spouse to his wedding, he offered to pay for her wedding at the same time.

Weisbrod, 70, of Beverly Hills, married Barbara Hoffman, 47, on Sunday. His ex-wife, Evelyn Weisbrod, 70, of San Diego, married Joseph Hechter, 75, in the same ceremony.

The flower-strewn nuptials before a rabbi at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades were Weisbrod's present to his former spouse, with whom he has remained good friends.

''When we first were married, we were very poor and we had only six people in the judge's chambers,'' Weisbrod said. ''I thought this would be an opportunity to have a first-class wedding.''

The couple divorced Oct. 4 after being separated for 15 years.

''You don't have to be enemies,'' Weisbrod said. ''When a relationship breaks up, the friendship doesn't have to break up. We've been good friends for 50 years.''

Weisbrod owns Harlyn Products Inc., a jewelry manufacturer.