ANTELOPE, Ore. (AP) _ Longtime residents say they are dropping efforts to dissolve the city charter of Antelope, the central Oregon town taken over in 1982 by followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Three of the Indian guru's disciples have already resigned from the Rajneesh-controlled City Council, and others say they will be resigning soon.

The guru's followers have been abandoning Antelope and their commune 20 miles away at Rajneeshpuram since Rajneesh, 53, left for his native India on Nov. 14 after pleading guilty to two immigration law violations.

The Committee to Save Antelope announced Saturday that it would stop gathering signatures for a statewide initiative to repeal the city charter.

''If the Rajneesh organizations had not collapsed from within, the statewide initiative petition is all that would have stood between their abuses of municipal power and the longtime residents of Antelope,'' said William Gatchel, the committee's executive director.

One of the guru's followers who resigned last week said the council had voted to rename city streets and to void city contracts with Rajneesh corporations. The council also repealed an ordinance that created a nudist park in the tiny town.

''Basically, what we tried to do was give back the city,'' said Geet Govind.

Earlier in November, voters following the guru's instructions agreed to rename the town Antelope. It had been called City of Rajneesh since the guru's followers voted themselves into power.

Govind said the members of the council decided last week to leave the question of the disincorporation of the city up to their successors.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, 12 trucks left Rajneesh's commune in a driving snowstorm, bound for Texas with 85 Rolls-Royces originally bought for the guru by his disciples.

Dallas car dealer Robert Roethlisberger said Saturday that he had added one more of the luxury cars to the collection of 84 he purchased Friday from the Rajneesh Modern Car Collection Trust.

The Rolls-Royces, some painted with scenes of rainbows, peacocks, lace and flowers, were put up for sale after Rajneesh left the commune.

Roethlisberger plans to aucton off most of the cars Feb. 8 and 9 in Dallas.

He did not say what he paid for the cars, but Charles Lindamood, whose trucking company is moving them, said they were insured for about $8 million.