INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ The NCAA executive committee voted Wednesday to donate $5 million for disaster relief to victims of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

The committee also urged a moment of silence or some other form of public recognition at all college sports events this weekend.

``The committee believes it is important for the NCAA to be a part of disaster recovery efforts. This is a small gesture that we can make,'' said Robert Lawless, committee chairman and president of the University of Tulsa.

The committee, which met by telephone, did not specify where the $5 million would go. It also said it would allow its member schools and conferences to reschedule games if they choose.

``We believe that college administrators are in the best position to make these decisions after considering input from their constituencies. It's our role to provide guidance, not mandates,'' NCAA president Cedric Dempsey said.

He said the association would make ``appropriate accommodations such as extending playing seasons, altering schedules and adjusting criteria for championship selection'' for schools that choose not to play and cannot reschedule their games.

``The White House has conveyed to the NCAA that it is encouraging a return to normalcy across the country,'' Lawless said. ``We want to assist in showing the resiliency of the American spirit. ... It's also important for our member institutions to extend some form of public recognition of the tragedy at their events, either by a moment of silence, a statement or some other activity.''