LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Life as a junkie only leads to ``an early grave, an institution, a Dumpster,'' says the woman suspected of giving John Belushi a lethal drug overdose in 1982.

Speaking to Hollywood High School students _ some of whom weren't even born when Belushi died _ Cathy Evelyn Smith told a cautionary tale on Friday of her lifelong battle with drugs.

``Take charge. Take responsibility. Be accountable. Keep one eye on the horizon,'' said Ms. Smith, who pleaded no contest to reduced manslaughter and drug offenses and was sentenced to three years in state prison for her role in Belushi's death.

Ms. Smith, who was deported back to her native Canada nearly 10 years ago after being released from prison, spoke as a representative of Forward Step, a program that teaches drug awareness and values to children.

``It's really cathartic in a way,'' she said between drags on a cigarette, the only addiction she has allowed herself in the last six years.