GUATEMALA CITY (AP) _ Three Guatemalan men will stand trial Wednesday for the rapes of five American college students in January 1998.

The suspects are accused of waylaying a bus carrying 13 students and three faculty members from St. Mary's College in Maryland, near the town of Santa Lucia Cotzumanguapa, 40 miles southwest of Guatemala City.

According to court documents, the suspects robbed the bus passengers, forced five girls at gunpoint into a nearby sugar cane field and raped them. The St. Mary's College group was on a study tour of Guatemala.

It was not immediately known if any of the victims would testify in person.

Defense attorney Fernando Beltranena said that if they do, their names are not be made public and proceedings will held in closed court in the town of Escuintla, 30 miles south of Guatemala City. Journalists and photographers may also be barred.

The victims testified in pretrial hearings in March, and Beltranena said the same restrictions were in place then.

Cosby Gamaliel Urias Ortiz, 37, Rony Leonel Polanco Sil, 25, and Reyes Guch Venrura, 25, are charged with rape and aggravated robbery. Two other men, whom the victims did not recognize in a police lineup last year, were freed for lack of evidence. Arrest warrants are out against five others who are fugitives.