VANCOUVER (AP) _ A woman convicted of obstructing justice for having an affair with a defendant while on serving the jury that acquitted him said Friday that she committed no crime.

Gillian Guess wrapped up a two-day sentencing hearing with a rambling, 20-minute address.

``I will never accept this conviction,'' Guess said. ``Remorse, regret. I will not stand before you and ask for leniency for a crime I did not commit.''

Justice Raymond Paris of the British Columbia Supreme Court will sentence Guess on Monday. The maximum sentence is 10 years.

The government wants Guess, 43, jailed for between two and four years. The defense has proposed a conditional sentence that would allow Guess to stay free and care for her two teen-age children. She shares custody with her ex-husband.

Guess was convicted in June over her affair with Peter Gill, one of six men charged in two gang-style slayings. She was arrested in May 1996 after an investigation that confirmed she was having a sexual relationship with Gill during his 1995 trial.

Prosecutors solicited testimony from other jurors that Guess had consistently argued in support of Gill.