LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Lincoln's public schools will now be required to conduct two drills to respond to active shooters after a district review of emergency procedures this summer.

District administrators re-assessed emergency protocols after a parent group raised security concerns following the mass shooting at a Florida school where 17 people were killed in February, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

Parents United for Greater School Safety advocated for more school resource officers, improved security at school entrances and better communication with parents about emergency drills. Lincoln Public Schools is already adding resources officers to middle schools this fall and upgrading security at entrances.

The administrators conducted the review in an effort to provide more clarity and better communication to staff and families, said Liz Standish, the district's associate superintendent of business affairs.

All schools must conduct two lockdown and lockout drills under the emergency protocol changes. Lockdown refers to locking classrooms, turning off lights and getting out of sight. Lockouts involve bringing students inside and locking the school when there's a threat outside the building.

The now-mandatory drills are in addition to the 10 evacuation drills and two shelter drills required by state law. Parents will be notified after lockout, evacuation and shelter drills, but in advance of lockdown drills, said Southeast Principal Brent Toalson, who led the review committee.

Teachers will receive training Tuesday on flexible decision-making and all new procedures. The new training videos allow staff and students to evacuate a school if that's the safer option. Parents will also be able to view the emergency procedures video before it's shown to students.


Information from: Lincoln Journal Star,