CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) _ For a moment, it seemed that the middle-aged man just pulled over for speeding was in luck when the cop handed him back his license and got ready to go chase a bank robber instead.

But the luck was bad luck - the guy in the car fit the description on the police radio, and six minutes after the robbery of the George Mason Bank, automobile salesman Earl Meyer was under arrest.

Meyer had been pulled over Tuesday afternoon for doing 61 in a 35 mph zone, and the Fairfax County Police officer noticed that he seemed a little nervous.

''He was trembling a little bit,'' said Warren Carmichael, a police spokesman. ''But a lot of people are nervous when they get caught for speeding.''

Meyer was charged with robbery and felony use of a firearm, and an undisclosed amount of money was recovered, authorities said.

He also got a speeding ticket.