DALLAS (AP) _ Barry Switzer's critics joked that he only pretended to coach the Dallas Cowboys, giving in repeatedly to brash personalities and tolerating misbehavior off the field.

Now there is no doubt he will get a big check to play at being coach.

Switzer will portray a coach on HBO's Arli$$ and in a movie about Texas high school football, The Dallas Morning News reported today.

Switzer also has plans to host a talk show and a film version of ``Bootlegger's Boy,'' which chronicles the coach's rise from poverty in Arkansas to the pinnacle of college football with three national championships at the University of Oklahoma.

``There's been a lot of interest in Barry in the Hollywood community,'' said Steven Fenton, Switzer's Hollywood agent. ``The question is what does Barry want to do. We'll take it on a project-by-project basis.''