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WASHINGTON (AP) _ A suspicious letter with powder and threatening note was found Thursday in the office of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle in the U.S. Capitol, police said.

Capitol Police spokesman Dan Nichols said the letter had been opened.

Police moved quickly to restrict movement in the area around Daschle's office on the second floor of the Capitol as well as an area one floor above it.

A letter containing highly potent anthrax spores was opened in Daschle's office Oct. 17, exposing dozens of congressional workers and forcing the Senate and the House to suspend operations.

The Hart Senate Office Building, where Daschle's office is located, remains closed.

Four D.C. postal workers believed to have come in contact with the October letter came down with inhalation anthrax, the most serious form of the disease, and two died.

White House officials, including Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, were monitoring Thursday's development.