LEGHORN, Italy (AP) _ An Italian military police helicopter crashed off a Tuscan island overnight, killing at least six officers. The search was resuming Tuesday morning for the other two people aboard.

The missing included a prisoner being transported from the island of Capraia to Leghorn, on the Tuscan coast, where he faced a court appearance Tuesday morning.

Search teams recovered the bodies of six military police officers, including the two pilots, soon after the accident.

The helicopter crashed just after takeoff, in a violent storm. Authorities said there was no distress call from the craft before it went down in a few dozen yards of water.

``It was like it was landing in the sea,'' port official Maurizio Capomandirola told Italy's ANSA news service.

``I didn't hear any explosion beforehand,'' he said. ``Only a sort of crash when it ended in the water.''

Rough seas reportedly had kept police from taking the prisoner to Leghorn by ship.

Authorities suspect the bodies of a seventh officer and the prisoner might be trapped in the main body of the helicopter. Fragments of the craft were recovered overnight.

The search effort included ships and helicopters of Italy's port authorities, police, coast guard and air force. Divers were to join the search Tuesday morning.