The major tropical storms and hurricanes to hit Florida's Gulf Coast beginning in 1910, including deaths, injuries and damage estimates (Storms were not named until 1950):

September 1926: Large areas of downtown Miami were obliterated by hurricane that swept across the southern tip of Florida and moved northwest to Pensacola. More than 240 people died and 18,000 were left homeless.

October 1944: With 100 mph winds and 7 inches of rain, this hurricane that crossed coast near Sarasota caused 18 deaths and $60 million in damages.

September 1960, Donna: Winds gusted to 100 mph in Tampa Bay area as Donna trekked through Central Florida, causing 12 deaths and $140 million in damage.

September 1965, Betsy: Hit the Keys and Miami with winds up to 136 mph, then exited into the Gulf. Killed 75 and caused $119 million in damage.

June 1972, Agnes: Caused $12 million in damage to Pinellas County. Crossed Panhandle and caused extensive flooding in the mid-Atlantic states. Killed 122, including 10 in Florida. Property damage in the millions of dollars.

July-August, 1995, Erin: Hit both Florida coasts, killing four people and leaving several missing. Losses statewide were estimated at more than $390 million.

September-October, 1995, Opal: Hit the Panhandle with 115 mph winds and a 12- to 15-foot storm surge that devastated some of Florida's most pristine beaches. Caused 63 deaths, more than $500 million in damages.


Sources: National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., and the Florida Almanac. Damage figures are not adjusted for inflation; Casualties and damages are for Florida only unless otherwise indicated.