DAVIS, Calif. (AP) _ Comparing his ``Save the Dream'' crusade in California with historic civil rights actions in southern states, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said he'll mount a petition drive asking President Clinton to restore civil rights protections overturned by a state anti-affirmative action measure.

``No state has the right to undermine federal guarantees for civil rights,'' Jackson told a group of about 250 Native Americans and other supporters at the tiny D-Q University in rural Northern California.

He said that just as federal authorities were called to restore civil rights in segregationist states, they should restore equal opportunity for women and minorities in California. He said Proposition 209, the initiative to ban consideration of race and gender in state hiring and college admissions, undermines federal civil rights guarantees.

Jackson spent Saturday morning at the Indian-run community college, before leading a march to another rally in Davis. He planned to visit churches and rallies in Stockton and Modesto on Sunday, before the crusade's finale, a march on the state Capitol Monday.