Clouds covered the Great Lakes Tuesday and a cold front brought rain and snow to New York, northern New England and northern Pennsylvania.

A storm system brought clouds across the Mississippi Valley and rain was expected to move into the lower Ohio Valley through lower Mississippi Valley.

The Mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States were dry, with partly cloudy to fair skies. Snow fell on the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Nebraska as freezing rain hit the east Dakotas and western Minnesota.

Freezing rain also fell in northwest Iowa, while scattered rain showers farther south and over southeastern Nebraska and northern Missouri.

The middle and southwestern Plains states were dry but breezy, and snow fell on the northern Rockies and high Plains.

The southern Rockies and the Southwest were dry.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states on Monday ranged from a low of 18 degrees below zero in West Yellowstone, Wyo. to a high of 81 degrees in Harlingen, Texas. The lowest wind chill temperature was 26 degrees below zero in Jackson, Wyo.


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