Today is Sunday, July 19, the 200th day of 2015. There are 165 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1333 - The Scots are routed in battle of Halidon Hill, a significant setback in their fight for independence from England.

1545 - The English flagship Mary Rose capsizes accidentally and sinks off Portsmouth. It is raised in 1982.

1588 - The Spanish Armada is sighted off the Cornish coast of England.

1610 - Vasily Shuysky, czar of Russia, is deposed after the Swedish army is defeated by Polish invaders.

1848 - The first women's rights convention is held in Seneca Falls, New York, where Elizabeth Cady Stanton declares that "Man cannot fulfill his destiny alone."

1864 - Nanking, the capital of the Taiping rebellion in China, falls to government troops who proceed to slaughter 100,000 people.

1870 - France declares war on Prussia, opening Franco-Prussian War.

1907 - Emperor of Korea abdicates in favor of his son under Japan's pressure.

1918 - German armies begin retreat across Marne River after being defeated in their last great offensive in France.

1939 - American physician Roy P. Scholz of St. Louis, Missouri, becomes first surgeon to use fiberglass sutures.

1943 - Allied air force stages first raid on Rome in World War II.

1956 - United States and Britain inform Egypt they cannot participate in financing Aswan Dam project.

1960 - Soviet Union protests to United States over plan to equip West Germany with Polaris missile.

1966 - Frank Sinatra, 50, marries 20-year old actress Mia Farrow.

1969 - Apollo 11 and its astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins, travel into orbit around the moon.

1975 - U.S. and Soviet astronauts and cosmonauts end their two-day linkup in space.

1979 - Nicaragua's leftist Sandinistas claim revolutionary victory, two days after President Anastasio Somoza flees the country.

1980 - Summer Olympics in Moscow begin, minus dozens of nations boycotting the games because of the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan.

1984 - Geraldine Ferraro becomes first American woman to run for vice president.

1985 - Christa McAuliffe is chosen to be the first schoolteacher to ride aboard a space shuttle. McAuliffe and six crew members die the following year when the Challenger explodes after liftoff.

1990 - Kuwait appeals to Arab neighbors for help against threats from neighboring Iraq.

1991 - Kurds protesting Iraqi rule fight government soldiers in first major clashes since withdrawal of allied forces.

1992 - A car bomb kills Paolo Borsellino, Sicily's top Mafia prosecutor.

1995 - U.S. Congress votes to block billions of dollars in further loans to bail out the ailing Mexican economy, despite the urging of President Bill Clinton.

2000 - An international measure is adopted to block rebel groups from trading "conflict diamonds" to fund Africa's most vicious civil wars.

2006 - A cruise liner carrying more than 1,000 Americans sails out of Beirut's port in the first mass U.S. evacuation from Lebanon since Israeli airstrikes started more than a week before.

2008 - Pope Benedict XVI apologizes for the sexual abuse of children by Australia's Roman Catholic clergy at a Mass in Sydney.

2011 - A scientific autopsy confirms that Chilean President Salvador Allende committed suicide during the 1973 coup that toppled his socialist government.

2012 - Syrian President Bashar Assad makes his first appearance since a bomb killed some of his top lieutenants, looking calm and composed on state TV even as his forces turn parts of Damascus into combat zones.

2014 — Americans say they believe a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 with 298 people aboard was brought down by an SA--11 missile fired from an area of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Today's Birthdays:

Al-Bukhari, Islamic theologist (810-870); Samuel Colt, U.S. inventor (1814-1862); Gottfried Keller, German author (1819-1890); Edgar Degas, French artist (1834-1917); Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet (1893-1930); Brian May, British guitarist w/rock group Queen (1947--); Ilie Nastase, Romanian tennis player (1946--); Anthony Edwards, U.S. actor, (1962--).

Thought For Today:

I always turn to the sports page first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page nothing but man's failure — Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States (1891-1974).