NEW YORK (AP) _ Mets catcher Mike Piazza went to a Manhattan hospital for a CAT scan before Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, then returned to the ballpark with medical clearance to play.

``At first, I just attributed it to the trip back from the West Coast,'' Piazza said, ``but after I had been up two or three hours, I still felt sluggish.''

Piazza was struck in the head Wednesday night by the bat of the Dodgers' Gary Sheffield.

``It's not really headaches _ just like fogginess _ but I'll be all right,'' Piazza said.

Piazza was hit by on Sheffield's follow-through Wednesday night at Los Angeles, taking a stitch in the head to stop bleeding and was reported to have a slight concussion. He had originally been expected to play Friday night.

Piazza, hitting .372 with 14 homers and 36 RBIs in 45 games, was sent to the Hospital of Special Surgery in Manhattan for the test.