MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ A 7-year-old boy watching the movie ''Robocop'' on television shot and killed the family's maid when she switched channels, police said.

The boy used his father's gun in the Thursday night shooting, said Chief Inspector Manolo Marinez, head of the homicide division.

The maid wanted to watch ''Young Love, Sweet Love,'' a program featuring a popular teen-age star, said another family maid.

Martinez said the boy cannot be charged criminally because of his age, but a charge of homicide through reckless imprudence will be filed against his father ''for being careless with his gun.''

Martinez said the boy admitted he took a .22-caliber Magnum pistol from his father's closet, pointed it at the maid's head, and pulled the trigger. She died in the hospital.

''I was angry because she changed the channel,'' the boy, a first-grader at a Chinese Catholic school, told Martinez.