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BOSTON (AP) _ Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney's campaign said it has pulled an ad that edited his Democractic opponent's comments about business.

Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney spokesman, said the ad, which first aired Tuesday night, was mistakenly sent to television stations instead of a similar ad that doesn't edit Democrat Shannon O'Brien's words.

The withdrawn ad showed O'Brien during an Oct. 1 debate appearing to say, ``We're not going out to get big dinosaurs from other states.''

O'Brien's actual statement was:

``We're not going out to get big Fortune 500 companies to move here. The only way we're going to get them to move here is with corporate welfare, with give-away programs. We have small companies that are on the verge of creating new technologies to create new therapies to help people. That's how we're going to create our jobs; focusing on the small- and medium-sized businesses. The cost of that will be far less expensive than trying to lure these dinosaurs from other states to come here.''

O'Brien spokesman Adrian Durbin called the edited ad ``sleazy, dishonest and unethical.''

``They took 74 words out,'' Durbin said. ``That's 74 more reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney.''

Fehrnstrom defended the ad on its substance, saying, ``The fact is Shannon O'Brien has repeatedly referred to large companies as dinosaurs.''

Romney's commercials are produced by Virginia-based political consultant Mike Murphy, whose past clients include 2000 presidential candidate John McCain.

The final decision on which ads to run is Romney's, Fehrnstrom said.

Romney gained national recognition as the head of the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. O'Brien is the state treasurer.