SINGAPORE (AP) _ Singapore police pledged Friday to confiscate the mobile phone of anyone seen using one while driving, after a car driven by one such distracted motorist slammed into a bus stop and killed three women.

Talking on a mobile phone while driving is illegal and carries a $103 fine, but police have found an increasing number of people chatting behind the wheel. At least 221 motorists were fined for the practice every month this year.

The 25-year-old used-car salesman blamed in Tuesday's fatal accident has been charged with causing death through dangerous driving.

The public responded to the crash with calls for a crackdown on the use of mobile phones in cars. But reaction to police warning of on-the-spot confiscation was mixed.

Motorist Ray Ng said taking away a mobile phone was not enough of a deterrent. ``You confiscate it, I buy a new one,'' he said.