BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) _ One of the reasons Roman Polanski chose to interpret Charles Dickens' ``Oliver Twist'' for the screen was simple: he wanted to make a movie for children.

``I'm happy that my children and their friends to whom I showed this film gave me good reviews this time,'' he said in Bangkok on Saturday to some laughter from reporters.

Polanski's ``Oliver Twist'' _ an adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic _ was the opening film at the Third World Film Festival, which kicked off Friday night in Bangkok.

About 40 Thai orphans saw the film.

``It's a real pleasure to see a room full of children watching this film because it is so different from what children are offered on the cinema screen nowadays,'' he said.

Polanski, whose screen credits include ``Rosemary's Baby'' and ``Chinatown,'' won an Oscar in 2002 for his Holocaust drama, ``The Pianist.'' He left the United States in 1978 rather than face sentencing on child-sex charges, and lives in Paris with his wife, actress Emmanuelle Seigner, and their two children.