NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ A judge who had been indicted on charges he accepted bribes to influence cases apparently killed his wife and himself, authorities said today.

The bodies of former Davidson County Criminal Court Judge Sterling Gray and his wife, Kristin, were found today in a parking lot of an apartment complex in surburban Bellevue, fire officials said.

''It's hard to say from my point of view, but it looked like Sterling was shot in the head, but I did not get to look at her (Mrs. Gray),'' said Bellevue Fire Chief Ted Johnson.

Johnson said a shotgun was found between Gray and his wife. ''It looks like it had fallen out of his hand,'' he said.

A grand jury indicted Gray, 44, on Nov. 17 on charges accusing him of accepting a $10,000 bribe in 1984 and an $18,000 bribe in 1985. Gray, criminal court judge for five years, immediately resigned.

Joyce Walters, a resident of the apartment complex, said she called security guards after she heard two shots this morning.