TRENTON, N.C. (AP) _ A black woman was selected mayor of this small town where no black has ever before held office, succeeding a white man who resigned after saying blacks are unfit to govern.

The Town Council unanimously selected Sylvia Willis on Tuesday.

She will complete former Mayor Joffree Leggett's term, which expires in November. Leggett resigned in March after saying blacks were not leaders and would rather be led by whites.

He made the comments amid criticism over the farming town's refusal to annex three black neighborhoods that have about 100 residents. Trenton at the time had 200 residents, about 50 of them black.

After the NAACP got involved and blacks boycotted Trenton businesses, all of which are white-owned, the Town Council agreed to annex the neighborhoods.

Mrs. Willis' husband, activist Daniel J. Willis, had threatened another boycott unless a black person was named to the council.

``This is the beginning of a coming together _ or trying, anyway,'' Mrs. Willis said.