TOKYO (AP) _ Major Japanese newspapers published ads Tuesday from Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens that accuse the country's biggest automakers of colluding to keep consumer prices high and some shareholder dividends low.

Pickens accused Toyota Motor Co. and its powerful advertising agency Dentsu last week of attempting to block publication of the ads, which contend that collusive business practices force higher prices on consumers. Toyota and Dentsu denied the allegations.

The takeover strategist charged that Toyota intervened because of his battle to exercise ownership rights in Koito Manufacturing Co., an auto lighting equipment maker close to Toyota. Pickens is the largest stockholder in Koito.

The Asahi Shimbun, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Yomiuri Shimbun, all major dailies, published identical ads from Pickens in their Tuesday morning editions. None of the ads, which also blame Japan's big automakers for low returns to shareholders of auto parts companies, mentioned any automaker by name.

Pickens' lawyer, Kanji Ishizumi, said the ad as originally submitted named Toyota, Honda and Nissan Motor Co. as leaders of separate automobile keiretsu, or business groups, that force their auto parts makers to sell parts at low prices.

However, Ishizumi said, he was forced to drop their names because it was the only way to get the ads published.

Ishizumi said the fact that all three newspapers ran the same ad on the same day illustrates the degree to which the move was calculated after Pickens made his charges public.

''After media coverage of the issue, the newspapers compromised and printed the ads,'' Ishizumi said.

Pickens' laywer said he was disappointed the newspapers did not comply with his request to run the ad on staggered days. ''It's like fireworks, everyone will read the ad and forget about it at once,'' he said.

''The auto industry is booming, but because of the keiretsu we believe auto parts makers are forced to sell their parts at inappropriately low prices to the makers,'' the published ads said.

''We think the automakers, as a group, damage the profits of auto parts makers and reduce the dividends of shareholders by beating down the prices of auto parts,'' the ad said.

Last week, a representive of the Yomiuri Shimbun said the ad had been rejected twice, but that the daily paper was considering using the ad if it dropped references to Toyota and Honda, two of the newspaper's biggest advertising clients.

The paper was concerned the ad might confuse consumers, added Ikuo Terai of the Yomiuri's advertising department.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun denied five days ago that any representative of Pickens had approached the paper to publish the ad.

Pickens has said he tried to place the ads in an effort to motivate the Japanese public to complain about how the big business cartels force higher prices on consumers.

The ad requests that Japanese consumers with any information on ''unfair practices'' among carmakers to send it to Pickens in Dallas, Texas.