WASHINGTON (AP) _ Attorney General Janet Reno, pointing to another series of multiple shootings, pleaded anew today for passage of legislation to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them.

``I just hope that in the time remaining in this year that Congress will address this issue, because I think all America now has seen what guns do and how easy access to guns produces such tragedies,'' she said at a news conference.'' However, Reno added, federal officials ``want to be careful because we don't know exactly how people came to acquire the guns, and we want to be objective in the way we pursue it.''

``But we have a chance to really make a difference now,'' said Reno, lamenting mass shootings this week in Honolulu and Seattle.

``It is time for us to come together and let's get the job done,'' she said. ``Let's make sure we have legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of people who don't belong to have them, and that we join together with state and local officials throughout the country to make sure that those who illegally use guns are held accountable.''

Asked if she had ordered any type of review for the recent spate of multiple shootings, the attorney general said, ``We have reviewed each but the FBI has been involved in a review of school violence situations and we're trying to take a look at them and see just what can be done to prevent it.''

Supporters of stricter curbs on guns have sought futilely this year to attach such provisions to a pending bill in Congress aimed at combating juvenile crime. But the prospects for that bill have dimmed in recent weeks, and it seems unlikely that Republicans and Democrats will agree on the legislation in the waning days of the current session.