BERLIN (AP) _ Austrian ski star Hermann Maier was told Saturday that he should cut any ties to a former East German doctor convicted recently of administering performance-enhancing drugs.

Peter Schroecksnadel, president of the Austrian Skiing Association and Maier's personal manager, told the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung that physiologist Bernd Pansold was hurting the sport.

``As big an authority as Pansold is, he's damaging Austrian ski sport more with his reputation at the moment than his sizeable knowledge can help,'' Schroecksnadel told the German daily.

Maier, a double gold medal winner at Nagano, trains at the Obertauern independent Olympic training center in Austria where Pansold works.

A Berlin court last week found the former East German doctor guilty of administering performance-enhancing drugs to nine underage athletes from 1975-84 even though he knew they were dangerous. He was fined $8,200.

Maier told the Franfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung that Pansold regularly checks his lactate level but doesn't draw up his training plan.

The skier said he paid around $3,000 for the services last year out of his own pocket.

``I train at the (Obertauern) sports center but my trainer is Berg Mueller,'' Maier has said in the past.

Swiss ski boss Theo Nadig had stirred up a ruckus around Maier, last year's World Cup overall winner, in late October when he said a diet of pasta and granola could not explain Maier's rapid physical development.

Maier had failed to make Austrian ski teams as a youth because of weak knees and joints, but always claimed working as a bricklayer strengthened his body. a