NEW YORK (AP) _ President Clinton on Sunday renewed his verbal spat with the National Rifle Association, accusing the gun lobbying group of trying to scare voters into supporting Republican candidates with ``a lie'' about the handgun restrictions he shepherded into law.

At a campaign rally for his wife at Hofstra University, the president said the GOP is hoping to repeal many of his anti-crime proposals, including the 1993 Brady handgun law, which instituted background checks for gun purchases, and programs that put more police officers on street patrols.

Clinton said he had heard the NRA was asking its supporters to take a day off work to campaign against Democratic candidates, mainly by spreading the allegation that the Brady law robs legitimate gun owners of their ability to obtain weapons quickly.

``It's a lie,'' Clinton said. He challenged sport shooters and hunters to ``vote for the other guy,'' referring to GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush, if they have ``missed a day'' of indulging in their pastime because of handgun restrictions.

``If you didn't, they're lying to you, and you should get even,'' Clinton said. ``They're wrong, we're right, you've got to fight.''

The president was in New York state all day Sunday helping raise money for first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign.