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PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A 7-year-old girl was abducted, kicking and screaming, from a street corner by two men who shoved her into a car and drove away as neighbors were at a block party down the street, police and witnesses said Tuesday.

The kidnappers later threatened to kill the girl unless a $150,000 ransom was paid, authorities said.

Witnesses told police Erica Pratt was playing with a friend when she was grabbed from a corner in southwest Philadelphia about 9:20 p.m. Monday. A 5-year-old girl told police a man dragged the screaming victim into a vehicle as she resisted, and then drove away, authorities said.

Witnesses told police Erica was taken away by two heavyset men in a white car with dark windows.

Residents of the rowhouse neighborhood said many of the adults were down the street at a block party at the time.

The child's grandmother, Barbara Pratt, got a phone call about 20 minutes after the abduction demanding $150,000 for the girl's return, police Inspector William Colarulo said.

Pratt received at least five more calls in the hours after the girl's disappearance and the kidnappers threatened to kill her if they didn't get the money, Colarulo said.

Erica had lived with Pratt for about three years.

Erica's mother, Serena Gillis, pleaded for her safe return.

``All I want them to do is treat her with care. Do not harm her,'' Gillis said. ``She's only 7. She's just beginning her life.''

Colarulo said he believes the motive for the girl's kidnapping was greed.

Although police had no immediate suspects, ``I'm confident that Erica is going to be returned safely,'' Colarulo said.

A $10,000 reward was being offered for information leading to Erica's return.