LOS ANGELES (AP) — The head of the motion picture academy says he's surprised by the negative reaction to the idea of handing out a new Oscar for popular films. John Bailey tells The Associated Press he thinks people may have misunderstood the new award — which he says was designed to recognize the kinds of films being made today. Since the new category was announced last month, it has been roundly criticized by people inside and outside the movie industry. Some fear the new Oscar would affect movies like "Black Panther," which is both popular and has received buzz about being a best picture nominee.



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NEW YORK (AP) — During his career as an actor, Burt Reynolds made scores of movies and TV shows. But one of his most lasting images was in a magazine: the centerfold he did for Cosmopolitan in 1972. The decision to pose nude for Cosmo came as Reynolds was riding high; he had just finished "Deliverance" and was on "The Tonight Show" when Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown asked him during a commercial break to be the magazine's first male centerfold. In his memoir, he said he was "flattered and intrigued" — and the April 1972 issue ended up selling more than 1 million copies. But Reynolds wrote the centerfold turned his life into a "carnival." The image ended up plastered on T-shirts, panties and other stuff — and Reynolds wrote he even got obscene fan mail. In the end, his "Deliverance" performance was snubbed for an Oscar. Reynolds said he thought people could separate the "fun-loving side" of him from the serious actor, but he was wrong.

Burt Reynolds died yesterday. He was 82.



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NEW YORK (AP) — More than 30 dresses and accessories worn on stage by Aretha Franklin are going up for auction. Julien's Auctions says the items include a red sequined dress Franklin wore at Radio City Music Hall in 1991, a knit jacket she appeared in with President Bill Clinton at the National Medal of Arts ceremony in 1999 and a denim jacket given to crew members of "The Blues Brothers." The items will go on display between Nov. 5 and Nov. 9. at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. The auction will take place in person and online on Nov. 10 as part of a two-day Icons & Idols: Rock-N-Roll at the Hard Rock.

The Queen of Soul died at age 76 in Detroit on Aug. 16.


NEW YORK (AP) — What you might call the "#NotMeEither" movement continues in Washington — as one Trump administration official after another denies being the anonymous writer of a New York Times op-ed page bashing the president. So far, more than two dozen people, including most of Trump's cabinet — have publicly denied writing the column, attributed by the newspaper to a "senior administration official." The mystery conjures up images of the Watergate-era search to find "Deep Throat," the White House insider whose revelations helped doom Richard Nixon's presidency. Last night at a rally, Trump called on Times journalists to dig up the identity of the writer, saying that would be a big scoop.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reps for Terry Crews haven't immediately responded to requests for comment on the settlement of a civil suit the actor filed against an agent he says groped him at a 2016 party. Crews and Adam Venit have settled the suit, which also involved the agency Venit worked with. Crews is the most prominent man to step out as a victim in the MeToo movement. He reported the groping incident to police, but prosecutors declined to file criminal charges.


TORONTO (AP) — Twentieth Century Fox says it didn't know about Steven Wilder Striegel's past before he was hired to be in the movie "The Predator." But it says once it learned Striegel is a registered sex offender, it cut the actor's one scene out of the sci-fi film. The quickie edit was made weeks ago, before the movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2010, Striegel plead guilty to trying to entice a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship over the internet. He served six months in jail.


NEW YORK (AP) — Charlie Rose says three women who worked with him are trying to take "routine workplace interactions and banter" and spin them into a sexual harassment case. The former CBS News and PBS journalist has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit by the former employees. He's joining co-defendant CBS, which is also seeking to get the case thrown out of New York state court. Rose was fired by CBS and PBS last year for sexual misconduct. Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal and Yuqing Wei accused Rose of unwanted touching and making sexual comments. Wei said Rose referred to her as "China Doll." In court papers, Rose called the women's examples meaningless in terms of establishing any harassment case.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Celebrity chef Mike Isabella once had more than a dozen restaurants in the Washington area. Now he's filed for bankruptcy after a sexual harassment lawsuit. The Washington Post reports the "Top Chef" alum has filed for bankruptcy protection for his businesses. The March lawsuit by a former Mike Isabella Concepts top manager, Chloe Caras, accused Isabella and his partners of touching her without permission and talking about her buttocks. They denied it, the suit was settled in May, but the damage was done. Sales plummeted, the Washington Nationals cut ties and staffers quit. Isabella says he hopes the bankruptcy filing will help avoid more restaurant closures. He spoke ahead of a hearing involving his restaurant at the University of Maryland in College Park, where he's fighting eviction.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Colin Kaepernick (KAP'-ur-nihk) would have loved to watch the start of the NFL season in an NFL uniform — as a member of an NFL team. Instead, he watched the season opener at Nike headquarters in Oregon. And it was there that he got to see the official network debut of his Nike ad. It ran during the first break of the third quarter of the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons. Nike signed Kaepernick to a deal to mark the 30th anniversary of its "Just Do It" campaign. Some praised the move while others dissed Nike for hiring a player who knelt during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games to protest racial inequality. Kaepernick is a free agent who hasn't been offered an NFL job for a second straight season.


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The NFL flag protest has worked its way into the Miss America contest. A contestant ended up winning the onstage question category for how she fielded a question about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. Miss Virginia Emili McPhail said the decision to kneel "is a right" that players have. She also said their silent protest "is absolutely about police brutality." McPhail was asked later if she was worried about alienating people who feel the protests disrespect the military and the flag. She said while everyone is entitled to their opinion, she stood up for what she believed was right. The next Miss America will be crowned Sunday night in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Elvis Presley fans will no longer have to pay about $30 to visit his grave during the annual candlelight vigil on his death anniversary in Memphis, Tennessee. Graceland officials say the charge to walk past Presley's resting place at his former home during Elvis Week has been discontinued. Devotees flock to Graceland every year to honor the rock n' roll icon during Elvis Week, the celebration of Presley's career as a singer and actor. Graceland instituted the charge in 2017, on the 40th anniversary of his death. The change upset some fans who were accustomed to participating in the vigil, free of charge. Presley died in Memphis on Aug. 16, 1977. He was 42.

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