Among the stories Wednesday from The Associated Press:


LONGEST BULL MARKET-MILLENIALS — Young people who dared to dabble in the stock market for the first time after March 2009 have made a handsome return. They've also never known a bear market. A look at their investment style and whether they might panic when the market inevitably hits a rough patch. By Stan Choe. SENT: 1,030 words, photos, graphic.

FEDERAL RESERVE-POWELL — Is financial turmoil in Turkey and other emerging economies at risk of spreading? Will America's trade war with China derail the U.S. economy? Does the Federal Reserve have the means to fight the next recession? And: Is Chairman Jerome Powell troubled by President Donald Trump's public denunciation of the Fed's interest rate hikes? When Powell gives the keynote address Friday at an annual conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the world will be seeking any clues to his stance on those questions — and how any of it might affect the Fed's rate policy. By Martin Crutsinger. UPCOMING: 850 words by noon.

SMALLBIZ-SMALL TALK-MANAGING LAWSUITS — When a small business is involved in a lawsuit, an owner's concern can't only be about winning or losing — it also has to be about making sure the company stays on track. By Joyce M. Rosenberg. UPCOMING:

ALEXA-KIDS TEST — A new version of Alexa won't tell kids where babies come from, or explain some things they might have heard on the news, like what Stormy Daniels does for a living. Amazon recently updated its voice assistant with a feature that can make Alexa more kid-friendly. When the feature is activated, Alexa answers certain questions differently. The AP tries it out. SENT: By Joseph Pisani. 640 words, photos, video.

GROWING UP DIGITAL-TEENS AND SCREENS — A new report from the Pew Research Center says two-thirds of parents are concerned about the amount of time their teenage children spend in front of screens. More than a third expressed concern about their own screen time. And more than half of teens said they often or sometimes find their parents or caregivers distracted when they're trying to have a conversation with them. SENT: 420 words, photos.


FINANCIAL MARKETS — Stocks are off to a mixed start on Wall Street as the U.S. market is poised to reach its longest-ever bull run. SENT: 130 words, photos. UPCOMING: Will be updated through 5 p.m.

FEDERAL RESERVE-MINUTES — The Federal Reserve releases minutes from its August meeting when it left rates unchanged. By Martin Crutsinger. UPCOMING: 130 words after 2 p.m. release. 400 words by 2:45 p.m.

HOME SALES — U.S. sales of existing homes slipped for the fourth consecutive month, declining 0.7 percent in July to the slowest pace in more than two years as the real estate market shows signs of cooling. By Josh Boak. SENT: 140 words, photos.


MARIJUANA-OREGON HARVEST RULES — Harvest season is fast approaching for marijuana growers, but cannabis farmers in Oregon face an unprecedented new rule when they bring their buds in this year. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates the cultivation and sale of marijuana to the general population, now requires outdoor growers to notify them 24 hours in advance of five different harvest dates so the agency can send an official observer to watch for diversion of pot into the black market.

BRITAIN-RYANAIR — Ryanair has apologized after customers who received compensation for canceled flights complained that the checks bounced. SENT: 130 words.

OLIVE GARDEN-PASTA PASS — Olive Garden customers who can't get enough pasta have a chance to enjoy unlimited servings for a year. SENT: 140 words.


TRAFFIC FATALITIES — The number of people killed on U.S. roads fell slightly in the first half of 2018, but a top safety organization says it's likely that more than 40,000 will die during the full year. SENT: 140 words.

BEHIND THE WHEEL-HYBRIDS ROUNDUP — Today's hybrid vehicles couple fuel efficiency with technology and refinement. Edmunds compares the latest models that get at least 45 mpg in combined driving and highlights the pros and cons of each. By Dan Frio of Edmunds. SENT: 950 words, photos.


EARNS-TARGET — Heavy investments in stores and its online operations are paying off at Target, which reported strong numbers across the board in the second quarter. By Anne D'Innocenzio. SENT: 410 words, photos.

EARNS-ATLANTIC CITY CASINOS — Atlantic City's nine casinos reveal profit and loss statements for the second quarter of 2018


SINGAPORE-KEVIN KWAN — Singapore's government says the author of the book that inspired the hit film "Crazy Rich Asians" failed to register for national service as required. SENT: 310 words, photos.


VENEZUELA-POWER CRISIS — Tensions are rising in Venezuela's second largest city after a critical power line scorched, leaving residents without air conditioning and refrigerators during a sweltering heatwave.

GERMANY-US — Germany's foreign minister called for Europe to strengthen its financial independence from the United States and set up independent payment channels as he laid out proposals for a future "balanced partnership" with the U.S. SENT: 440 words, photos.