HOUSTON (AP) _ If you ever need a cop on the streets of Houston, try yelling ''Calderon.'' All six Calderon brothers are police officers.

''We're everywhere. You can't get away from us,'' said the eldest, Sgt. Roberto Calderon Jr., 38.

Roberto, assigned to the Auto Theft Division, joined the department in 1975. During the next 11 years his five brothers followed in his footsteps.

Ricardo, 36, is a sergeant in the Major Offenders unit; Raul, 34, is a juvenile officer; Ruben, 30, is assigned to Northeast Patrol; Ray, 27, patrols the North Shepherd area; and the youngest, Rene, 25, works in narcotics.

All six brothers were together Tuesday at the Houston police academy, where they and their parents received an award from the National Mexican-American Historical Society.

''We grew up poor in a very tough neighborhood. Joining the police department was a way out and a way to help the community,'' said Ricardo, who credited his parents with keeping the boys on the right path and out of trouble.

''I worry a little,'' said their father, Roberto Sr. ''But I'm happy the way things turned out.''